€urovisions in Eye Film Institute Netherlands


On 20 May, The artists of €urovisions (the new show of European Souvenirs) will perform in the Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam. EYE is the Dutch centre for film culture and heritage, is dedicated to developing a vigorous film culture in the Netherlands. €urovisions also makes use of the archive of Eye’s collection. Tickets € 10 / 8,50.

Live stream ‘Autonomous imageries’

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Mamadou Kheraba Drame is a Barcelona-based Senegalese linguist, and a prominent figure in Catalonia’s pan-Africanist movement. Carlos Delclós is a sociologist and lecturer at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra as well as an active participant in the 15-M Movement in Barcelona. Together they present the 3rd Audio-visual Source Code, mixing the personal with the professional, talking and screening about ‘Autonomous imageries’. Live at 5.45 pm, 11 April.



B/ORDERS is an open forum that deals with the plight of the immigrant, and part of ECF Labs from the European Cultural Foundation. Main concern is immigration in the EU and Europe, but we also welcome stories and articles from around the world.

#Who cares? The domestic is political


On 10 April, we were discovering how the Domestic is Political, looking at how care work across Europe is increasingly being carried out by migrant women, and the effects this invisible economy has on the veil we started hacking yesterday.

Live stream Audio-visual Source Code I

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Today, on 9 April at 5.30 pm, we will live-stream ‘Hacking the Veil’. It is an Audiovisual Source Code: it is neither a screening nor a screening, but quick, fast and smart. Think TED talk + video + vj..

Get that book!


REMIXING EUROPE is a publication unveiling the imagery of migrants in European media. How does the Polish media portray Ukrainian female immigrants? How does the media reflect the way internal migrants in Turkey are positioned within movements like the Gezi Protests? What are the challenges for an Ecuadorian woman fighting for social rights in Spain in an era of evictions and the housing crisis? How do notions of ‘Home’ influence British debates around migration and race? Out soon, in e-book and print version (including a dvd with all Remapping Europe films). Pre-order now.

Who is who?

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More than 50 multi-media creators, curators and educators, sharing migrant European, Asian, African and Latin American backgrounds are connecting new dots on the map during the HOME encounter: They challenge myths, deconstruct and remix prevailing imagery to present alternative perspectives on Europe. Who is who?

HOME – Remixing Memories in Transit

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HOME – Remixing memories in Transit is interdisciplinary seminar of Remapping Europe taking place on 9, 10 and 11 April in Seville as part of the 16th ZEMOS98 Festival. In HOME, we are connecting new dots on the map to think of alternative perspectives on Europe.

Live stream €urovisions

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Tickets for the new show of European Souvenirs €urovisions are fully sold out. Watch the show here, we will be live streaming from Seville. Tuesday 8 April at 8 pm.

16th ZEMOS98 Festival is Remapping Europe

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The imagery on Europe is weaved by hundreds of thousands of images that are constantly renewed but also reproduced repetitively in a loop: short phrases, slogans, repetition devices that fill political propaganda, news networks, publicity and often cinema. A sticky web that gradually thickens till it forms a dense veil of images, conditioning what we see and how we look at things, taking control of our direct experience. The 16TH ZEMOS98 FESTIVAL wants to hack the veil, to use melting-pot remix as a mean to deconstruct the dominant social imagery; and thus unveil and expose social, institutional and media racism – 8 – 12 April in Seville. Full programme online now.

Online film catalogue

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In our Remapping Europe labs, 50 young media-makers with migrant backgrounds remixed stereotype imagery of migrants in Europe. Watch all films in the online catalogue.

€urovisions, a new show by European Souvenirs

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€urovisions (a new show by European Souvenirs) is a live cinema performance about migrants chasing a European dream. We see their pictures on the news, illustrating rhetorics about the political and economical causes and pre-assumed effects of migration – why don’t the media bother to report on people’s dreams? Once, we were all migrants. Performance in Seville (8 April) and in Amsterdam (20 May) in the Eye Film Institute.

Meet the makers


For Remapping Europe, over 50 young media makers in Turkey, Spain, the UK and Poland (with different cultural backgrounds) created digital stories by remixing footage from European media and film archives, such as adverts, movies, documentaries, tv and radio reportages on the topic of immigration. Who are they and why did they participate? Get to know the makers!

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‘Remapping Europe – A Remix Project’ is an initiative by Doc Next Network. We strive for social justice and inclusive public opinion in Europe, through our common methodology that supports the idea of access, free culture and expanded education in which (digital) media plays a crucial role.